Mobile Dating with Cupid

There are so many ways to date these days. Web, tablet, mobile - even on your Xbox or gaming console. And (gasp) maybe even in real life with speed dating, slow dating, group dating, location-based dating. It's hard to know where to begin sometimes!

Well, Cupid isn't one to let technology pass him by - in fact he's a secret gadget fiend. Cupid's launched his very own mobile site with most of the features you love about the web site, all packed into your mobile or smartphone. Cupid says:

"Mobile means dating is faster and more exciting. No more waiting till you can grab five minutes on a laptop or desktop PC. Now you can see if you have any new messages directly from your phone. There's nothing more thrilling that your phone cheeping to tell you have a new message from someone you really fancy."

Thankfully there's no memory-hogging app to install. Simply use your mobile web browser to go to in the normal way, and Cupid's clever elves will detect you're on a mobile or a tablet, and automatically redirect you to the mobile site.

Cupid mobile is specially developed to look great on a smaller screen and help you focus on the task at hand - finding dates! With key features such as messaging, photo uploading and upgrading right at the tip of your fingers.

So now there's no stopping you! You can date on the train, in the airport terminal, in your hotel, even at your desk at work (shh - we didn't say that did we?).

Just one word of warning - mobile dating can be extremely addictive - always use responsibly!

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