Make This Your Year of Love

2012 is upon us, and with Christmas over and the presents put away, our thoughts are turning towards new relationships. There's really no better time to find romance, with spring just around the corner, and a whole year of dating opportunities ahead of us. But it's no time to be complacent. In love, good things don't come to those who wait, they come to those who are proactive and have a purpose. Read on for tips on how to get organised to find love this year ...

Have a plan

Dating opportunities
Dating opportunities are all around - seize the moment

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times! You need a plan if you're going to find romance. It's no good just expecting it to happen - it won't. You need to go out and create chances, and make things happen. Here's how:

How many dates will you get this year?

Sounds like planning a business project, not very romantic. Actually it's essential. How about setting a target of getting one new date each month this year? A date only has to be a cup of coffee or lunch, it doesn't have to involve spending too much time or money. But if you multiply the number of dates you go on, you increase your chances of finding the right person. So you need to really focus on getting the date - not just chatting online or randomly sending out messages.

Creating opportunities

Whilst you're focussing on getting dates from, you mustn't forget about offline opportunities. In the shops, at work, in the bars and on the train - there are so many opportunities to bump into the right person if you were only to look hard enough and seize the moment. I'm not suggesting randomly trying to chat up strangers using cheesy chat-up lines. I'm talking about finding spaces to create contact with people you really fancy and feel "in your heart" you could grow to like.

For example in the supermarket, asking for advice on which wine/cheese goes with a meal (you can add you're having a dinner party). Then gently striking up a good-natured conversation. You'll know if the person you're chatting is interested - if they're smiling, looking into your eyes, looking attentive and focussed. Don't forget your manners - if they're not interested, let them go with a "sorry to bother you" so they know you're cool.

Closing the deal

Don't forget that just like in business, it's no good identifying a potential - you've got to close the deal! That means getting their contact details. On it's easy because we provide an anonymous messaging system allowing members to contact each other whenever they like in complete safety. In real life we need to be a bit more careful about who we give our contact details to. So why not ask for their email address instead of a phone number (email is lower-key and less intrusive). Try to find out why they're in the particular shop/train/pub and how often they go there. Suggest "it would be great to bump into you again here", and let them fill in the details of when that might happen!

Looking good

Let's make 2012 the year you look your absolute best. Sometimes it's easy to have a negative image of yourself. That has to stop right now! It's no good saying "I'll start dating when I'm a stone lighter". You have to work with what you've got right now. And you're gorgeous! Now's the time to improve your wardrobe. If you're male, ask your female friends and relatives how you could update your look and get more fashionable. Go to the hairdresser and spend some wonga on a decent fashionable haircut. A great new pair of shoes to finish the job. If you're female, it's time to get some honest advice from your girlfriends - treat yourself to an indulgent shopping expedition - no guilty feelings necessary.

Checking your progress

Last tip: there's no point setting targets if you're not checking whether you've hit them. At the end of each month, make a note of each encounter, and honestly appraise what went wrong or right. How many dates did you get, and could any of them turn out to be "the one"? If you're stuck on someone, but that person isn't interested in you, it's time to move on. Don't waste time dreaming about what could have been. Life's what you make of it right now.

Cupid Happy New Year
Make 2012 your year of love

With at your side, there's every chance that 2012 could be the year you find the love of your life. Whether you're male or female, young or old, I firmly believe that there's someone waiting out there for you. You have to go out and find them. I'm here to help. Let's do this!