Cupid's New Design

Hi Cupid fans! Just wanted to share some good news about Our clever web designers have thrown out the old (pink!) design and ushered in a fresh new look for the site. Clever chaps.

They've been sweating away behind their keyboards and screens, cursing over Photoshop, and swearing about HTML, all to bring your favourite dating site bang up to date. Perhaps they've been watching too many episodes of "Love The Place You're In", haha!

You'll notice a lick of blue paint, a new fresh white background, and best of all, no blimmin' pink any more!

We really hope you like the new design and please feel free to get in touch if you don't. Don't forget it's still totally free to join, just like it always has been, and all our great features and prices remain the same.

Now it's time to let those designers have some fresh air while you get on with finding your next true love with me, Cupid, your cheeky cherub of love. Mwah..