Cupid Dating

Cupid dating

Hi - my name is Cupid! You might have heard of me as I am the one and only cheeky cherub of love! And this is the Cupid dating site! It's my job to float around and fire my Cupid's arrows in your direction to bring you love, dating and romance. And what's more I'm pretty good at it. That's why hundreds of thousands of singles are flocking in my direction every day, to join my cupid dating site!

How does it work? Simple! I don't just float about firing arrows of love at random people you know. Ohhh no. Those days are long gone. These days I'm all computerised, and have a huge dating database full of lonely souls waiting to get matched up by me in my never-ending quest to create love.

Sign up with for Cupid dating and you'll find you're instantly among friends. I've got a centuries old reputation to maintain you know, so you can be assured I won't be introducing you to any old folk. Ooohh no. If you entrust your dating to Cupid you'll find I am a little bit more proactive than that. I'll be scouring my database up and down every day searching for new friends to introduce to you - but only the very best will I match you with.

If you upload a photo or two then my job is much much easier. Because I can see how gorgeously delicious you are and make sure you're only matched with similarly gobsmacking good looking. Let's not waste any time here right!

Now, my services don't come free. After all Cupid has an army of people working for him who all have bills to pay and some have cherubs of their own that need feeding! So Cupid makes a small charge for his services, but what price would you place on love? Let's face the free dating sites of the world are hardly renowned for quality are they even if they have the quantity. But I can assure that my microscopic prices will be one of the best investments you've ever made.

How will you know if some lovestruck soul is waiting out there for you? Well I'll let you have a sneaky peak at my database for free!

Well, the more people I bring together for dating and romance the more famous I get and the more famous I get the more people ask for Cupid dating! So I better float off now on my gossamer wings as I can hear some more single men and women knocking at the door waiting for my attention. So be good boys and girls and join Cupid dating right now as see what I can do for you!

Cupid xx