Christmas Dating With Cupid

Holiday greetings! Here's Cupid with some thoughts and advice on how to make the most of dating opportunities in the Christmas and New Year holiday season.

You might think that the Xmas holidays are just for family and friends - a downtime for dating - but actually with a little forward-thinking there can be chances a-plenty! So here's my advice to get the best from the Christmas season.

Have a plan

Christmas Gift Woman

The biggest mistake most of us make is leaving everything to chance - never a good idea! Love won't just fall into your lap. Well, sometimes, for the lucky few, but for the rest of us we have to get it together and treat dating as a life-project. That doesn't mean dating needs to be unspontaneous and boring, it just means we need to take it seriously and decide how we're going to go about meeting Mr or Ms Super-Luscious.

Things are mega-busy at Christmas, so it can be tricky to find the time to think of romance. So set aside a few minutes at the beginning of December to jot down a few ideas to create dating opportunities. Think about work opportunities, social opportunities, online dating, and ad-hoc situations (things that just spontaneously happen - if you make them). All these can be maximised with just a little thought. So let's go!

Christmas Decoration Icon Get online

First of all make sure you're online (with obviously!). Lots of new members join up in the Christmas and New Year season - surprisingly more than in other months. In fact more people overall join up in wintertime - probably because the weather and darker nights inhibits people from going out and socialising with their friends. So their thoughts turn to romance. You've got to make sure you're there when they join!

So now's the time to get online, update your dating profile, take a brand new photo and upload it. Make sure you look your best - why not take the snap just after your Christmas visit to the hairdressers/beauty salon/barbers shop? Or even take a snap in the salon!

Far be it for Cupid to tell you how to eat - but maybe just lay off the mince pies and Christmas pud - then you won't have so many pounds to shed in the New Year when the dating frenzy begins!

Christmas Presents Icon Take advantage of seasonal offers

At we're always finding new ways to make your experience better value, so look out for our Christmas offers. We'll be sending them out by email so make sure you're signed up to receive our newsletters and make sure you're receiving our emails. Otherwise you'll miss out.

Christmas Star Icon Work dating opportunities

The Christmas party at work is the obvious dating opportunity but it's not without risk! Snogging somebody from the same company at the Christmas do is rarely a great idea. You don't want your colleagues sniggering come Monday morning. Let's face it, office party make-out sessions are a bit naff and really belong only in 1970's sitcoms.

Christmas Party Photo

Just make sure you create a chance to talk to your crush and make sure they know you fancy them! Make eye contact. Hold their gaze just a little bit too long. Give them your best megawatt smile. Once you get chatting whisper something into their ear to make an opportunity for a future time, when the whole world isn't watching. Maybe you could say "Did you know I've kind of had a crush on you? I know this isn't the time or the place, but maybe we could go out some time?"

For more romantic possibilities, look beyond your company - get to know people from your suppliers, your other branches, or companies that service yours. (Cupid can't really recommend romancing your customers though - could spell trouble!)

Anyway, the number one rule for Christmas work dating opportunities is don't do anything you might regret. That normally involves alcohol!

Christmas Tree Icon Social dating opportunities

Now's the time to gather together with friends to catch up on their lives and celebrate the good times. Sometimes these gatherings can feel a little limiting on the love-front - so why not throw a party and get each of your friends to bring a mate? Drop a hint or two - if their mate is attractive then they'll be more than welcome!

Once you've got them in your company, work it! You're in charge this time, which is great news because you can show them how popular and fun you are! Same rules apply - watch the alcohol intake. Don't let your party be remembered for all the wrong reasons!

On the other hand if you're invited to a party, the pressure's off and you can relax a bit more. If you fancy the host make sure they get the hint, but don't keep them chatting all night as they'll be anxious to make sure all their guests are having a good time.

Christmas Icon Spontaneous romantic encounters

These are Cupid's favourite happenings. Ad-hoc events that just arise. With the whole world in a feel-good mood, it's a great time to start chatting to that guy/girl you fancy at the gym, in the supermarket, in the petrol station, whereever. Once again, flash them a great big smile, hold their gaze and just start chatting. So many love stories have started this way. At Christmas time, with everybody in the Christmas spirit, it's a perfect excuse. Don't let chances pass you by!

Well, thanks for reading Cupid's Christmas Dating Tips. I hope I've inspired you to seize the opportunities Christmas presents. I'm here to help you along with my never-evending supply of love-arrows. But you've got to make your own luck in this world. Love is out there. Go and grab it!

Cupid Merry Christmas

Happy Christmas!